Stuck Between a Rock and Another Rock

Stuck between a situation, a person, or anything in general is a horrible phase that sadly, everyone, has to go through. This amazing post outlines the fact that sometimes you just have to switch it up and try new things. People are too focused on what they’re trying to accomplish and are too stubborn to change their ways. But how will you expect anything to change if you just repeat the same thing over and over again? Breaking these boundaries,stepping out of your comfort zone, and looking at things through a different perspective is what life is all about. Because the biggest risk is the one you don’t take.

A Cluster of Ideas

So, it’s a hot summer, I’m outside holding some gross, sweaty tennis racket, my dad is complaining about how much I absolutely suck, and I’m trying to hit. Yeah, thanks Dad. After nagging him back, I hit the ball, and it kind of…doesn’t make it to the other side. There are sighs from both of us as the sun continue to beat down on my exhausted shoulders. No bueno. He says, “Y’know what, let’s go get some ice cream. It’s way too hot for this…”


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