10 Life Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

It’s never easy being a girl. I mean we have to wait in ridiculously long bathroom lines, suffer from major cramps, and worry about fashion mishaps 24/7. Hopefully these 10 life hacks will get you through those big “oh no” moments in life. Cause, you know, we all have them.

1. Magnetic Strips=No More Bathroom Mess

These things work wonders. All those bobby pins, hair clips, and nail clippers you have lying around? Well….bye.

2. Cheap to Chic

Remember those cheap looking flip flops you bought a summer ago? Well now you can add some extra flare to them with some ribbon and a couple of beads.

3. Bye Bye green fingers

I don’t know about you but I hate those green stains fake rings leave on your fingers. It’s a pain. Putting clear nail polish is a quick and easy way to free your fingers.

4. Vamp it Up

Revamp those old high heels with glitter and glue.

5. No More Broken Nails

Broke a Nail? Hurt your finger? Key rings are the bane for women AND men, but using a stapler remover can solve all of those problems.

6. Ever wonder if it’s possible to make a sundress out of a t-shirt?

It is.

7. Smelly Shoes Solved

This is especially great for summer when your feet just keep on sweating. By creating baking soda sachets, you don’t ever have to deal with stinky shoes ever again. Best part? It’s cheap.

8. Perfect Bun in Seconds

Ever dreamed of that perfect bun? Well here is an easy and fun hairstyle that ONLY requires a hairband. It’s great for several occasions from work to a night out. Full tutorial with words here.

 9. Remove Deodorant Stains

Using a dryer sheet, rub the marks in circular motions and the sheets will absorb the deodorant. Make sure there is no excess lint from the dryer sheet or you’ll end up with grey marks.

10. Hate Tangled Necklaces?

Put them through a straw. Sure, it looks dumb, but its all in the name of organization and less stress

Hopefully these life hacks will help you get through those “moments” in life.

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