Nature-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Nothing in nature lives for itself. The river doesn’t drink it’s own water. The tree doesn’t consume it’s own fruit. The flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves. Living for others is the rule of nature.

It was always my grandfather that uttered these words late at night. It was his form of a bedtime story. Being a young and ignorant child, I didn’t understand the meaning of these words nor did I care for them. Because the “great outdoors” to me seemed like a scary place. I was afraid to walk alone, afraid of being lost. I would’ve much rather spend time inside the comfort of my home banging on pots and pans and inventing games of all sorts than stepping out into the “foreign” world.

Because nature is unpredictable. It is the one thing that man can’t control. And I think that was what scared me the most. The fear of the unknown. But that is exactly what makes it beautiful.

The human spirit needs a place where the world has not been rearranged by human hands. That is the trees, the flowers, the ground. It is the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.

It was only after my grandfather left me, that I realized the full importance of his words. Nature is probably one of the most extraordinary things in this world. It is the purest form of life and by far the most elegant.

The leaves crunching underneath my feet as the piles stack up underneath me, running through the empty street as the clouds form fluffy formations, hearing an owl hoot in the darkness of night as I slowly drift off into sleep; are all the things that I began to enjoy and love.

But we never notice the beauty in this world because we’re too busy trying to create it. Tell me.

Do you ever look at the night sky and notice the stars that twinkle and shine anymore?

Do you ever stop to listen to sound of the chirping birds as the sun rises anymore?

Do you ever smell flowers that put a smile on your lips anymore?

Because the fact is, we live in a world full of distractions that stray us from the true beauty of nature. Nature is everything. It surrounds us day and night and yet we are too busy to stop, to breathe, to enjoy, and to love what is around us.

These sculptures and earthworks are created by  Swiss artist, Sylvain Meyer, making incredible works using only materials found in nature. From fallen wood, stones, leaves, and decaying bark, Meyer immortalizes the nature itself through his photography.

The beauty of nature is probably the most important thing my grandfather taught me. Because time spent in nature will never be wasted time.

5 thoughts on “Nature-The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Our assignment was to start with a story, but you took it a step further. Pretty much everyone else started off with a “once upon a time” deal. You did something different, and I can tell right off the bat that everything’s going to be okay. Your pictures and your words go so well together, like a tango, which is amazing. Glorious

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It means a lot to me! I was actually a little scared when I pressed the submit button on canvas. I got really into my writing that I didn’t know if I completed the assignment or not. Thank you Johnson! (I needed the reassurance)


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