15 Reasons Why You Should Love The Rain

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”

Rain. The sound of the cars on wet roads, headlights flashing, and the smell of the concrete….it’s great. Living in California means that our rainy days are equivalent to miracles. People start freaking out, posting statuses about how “crazy” the weather is on Facebook, and everyone becomes extremely terrible drivers. While most people are complaining about the rain, I embrace it. The best days, in my opinion, are the ones that are full of rain and gray, giving me the opportunity to appreciate beauty in a rather dull, and ugly environment. Here are 15 reasons why you should appreciate rain.

1. Rain is an excuse to cuddle with someone. If you’re feeling romantic, rainfall is the ultimate companion. I mean, there is a reason why romantic scenes usually happen in the middle of a downpour.It brings us closer together. Literally.

2. Rain is better for dancing in. Anyone can dance in the sun,but it takes real courage to bust out some moves in the rain.

3. You can demonstrate what a dare devil you are by jumping into puddles. Trust me. It’s a lot more fun than it seems.

4. Rain makes working indoors feel cozy rather than prison-like.

5. You can scream at the heavens when it’s raining. If you did that on sunny day… one: people would you’re crazy, two: you would probably burn your eyes.

6. You can finally wear those cute boots and  the trench coat that’s been sitting in your closet for decades.

7. Guessing which raindrop will fall off the window first, is actually a very invigorating activity.

8. Without rain there would be no amazing rainbows. Come on, I mean everyone LOVES rainbows. Well, maybe except for Squidward.

9. Rain=fuel for imagination. Putting out your hands and whispering “come to me precious” and pretending that your magical powers are dragging the water out of the sky is GREAT.

10. No one cares what you look like on a rainy day. I mean,its the perfect excuse to put up your hair in a messy bun.

11. Foggy windows make the perfect canvas.

12. You feel a sense of superiority as you casually stroll past the people who are huddled under awnings ,determined to wait it out.

13. Puddles can look quite extraordinary.

14. No one likes driving or walking in the rain so no one will blame you for not leaving your house.

15. The patter of rain on a rooftop or against a windowpane is universally acknowledged to be the most peaceful sound in the world.

So while everyone else is sulking…

embrace the rain.

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