Beautiful Inside and Out

“A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.”-Marilyn Monroe

Beautiful. It’s the word that either breaks or makes us. But its just that. One word. That’s all it is….and nothing more. But its that one word that makes us feel that tangle of emotions.

How is that one word can make us feel unwanted, not loved, and maybe even ugly? Because a word, no 8 letters, shouldn’t determine who we are and what we want to become.

Hopefully you see where I’m going with this…

I feel like girls try too hard these days, but honesty, I don’t blame them. Girls just want to feel that 8 letter word. They want to be confident in themselves, look in the mirror, and smile. I’m no exception.

But every time I look into that forsaken mirror all I  can say is this:

So…girls cover it up. They cover it up with three layers of foundation, three coats of mascara, and three dashes of eyeliner. And there! With three products all your problems are solved right? Right?

No. It doesn’t.

Because all that makeup is a mask. Its an illusion. It isn’t who you truly are. Girls should be able find the confidence to love themselves. Beauty is not skin deep. The word makeup literally means make up for something you deceive yourself for not having.  Yes, all of us have our imperfections. But imperfections are fine. It’s a part of who you are. You weren’t born perfect, the person sitting next to you in class isn’t perfect,no one is perfect. Except for maybe Beyonce. Maybe.

She gets it…so why don’t we get it?

 Girls….I think makeup gives you a “face” that you desire, true, but how many minutes could be spent doing something more useful in the morning?

If a girl with no makeup is laughing, smiling, and truly having fun…that is what makes her beautiful. Makeup basically covers up what we don’t want like about ourselves. Don’t do that.

The link above gives you exactly 35 reasons why you shouldn’t wear makeup and I love ALL of them. I really do.

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the TRUE BEAUTY in a woman is reflected in her soul. Makeup can only make you look pretty on the outside, but it doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup”- Audrey Hepburn

I’ll leave you with this.

Remember true beauty will melt its way out into your face. It will seep through your pores and the natural beauty of happiness and love will show. No makeup needed.

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