Losing Yourself

People say that growing up is a part of life.There is no hiding from it.  All people eventually will have to face the inevitable: paying taxes, raising kids, and getting a job.

I can’t say that I accept it though.

I found my first grey hair today and it was not a pleasant experience. It was more of a wake up call.

I realized that my childhood was gone.

I could no longer play until the street lights came on, make mud pies, or blow bubbles. I wasn’t ready to let go of all that. Childhood for me, was a precious time of imagination, daydreams, and fun. I think it was in those few years that I was truly happy.

The sad truth of life is we grow up too fast. One blink of an eye and ten years have passed.

I wish I could go back to the day

That everyone could laugh, skip, and play

A time where no one experienced stress

When we could dress up in a princess dress

When we could play hide and seek

And count to ten and never dare to peek

Our moms and dads would always be there

They would dress us and clean us and comb our hair

Our biggest worry, was what toy to take

When you parents drove us to the seaside or lake

While all the other toys felt lonely and sad

If we didn’t take them we would feel bad

But we would quickly forget this and once again and smile

And play an imaginary game for a while

The happiest days are in our childhood

Everyone wishes to go back, back to the good

But time moves on and we grow old

And the days grow darker, we feel bitter and cold

Some let the child inside die

They replace that laugh with a grunt or sigh

If you let your child live on inside your soul

It will keep you warm and whole

I don’t want to lose that part of me.

It’s what makes us who we are. Without having our childhood experiences, what would we be now? Wouldn’t we be different?




According to the following articles, childhood is something that increases the factors of being happy and making good decisions later in life. Its the foundation the roots that may lead to a more meaningful life.  As a child, we don’t know the dangers in the world. But that doesn’t stop us. We are our own heroes. We fight for what we love to do. We don’t give up. We strive for what we believe in. We hang out with everyone.  We become the king and queen of our world.  And then something happens to all of that. 

Yes, at one point that child fades inside, you’re faced with foreign challenges and responsibilities. Its no longer you that you’re taking care of. Its “others” that you now have to support, protect, and love.  Believe me, the maze of life is vast and unpredictable. Escape is hard but coming to a dead end is easy. Life is like that. You lose sight of yourself in the darkness. You lose the innocence, the joy, the happiness, the imagination.

“Sometimes I think all the work we do as adults will amount to nothing. I’d rather be happy rather than sitting at my desk for eight hours trying to get my paycheck. Not worth much at all.”-Ashley Lai

But keeping the child inside of you alive is important.

Once you lose that happiness and that laughter, you lose yourself.

Don’t lose that part of you.

“I think that people begin to lose the child within themselves because they are too busy worrying about useless things. Instead, they should just live in the moment and live life to its fullest.”-Johnny Han

We need the child inside of us because it is what makes life enjoyable. Fun. It gives us a reason to live in this dark world. Despite the ups and downs that life throws at us, there is always a light in the darkness. A light that shines through because of the child within.

-Aileen Nguyen

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