All By My Lonesome

Over the course of your life, you learn that the people you thought would stick around end up disappearing. You will be let down countless times and eventually discover that life and friends are something that constantly changes.

A surprisingly amount of people are actually afraid of change. Maybe because with change, we usually end up alone. Maybe all of us are scared to some extent. It’s completely natural to fear being alone. We’ve all felt it before, deep within us, though we try desperately to hide it.

We fear many things. We fear being without a partner, or friends, and family. We fear traveling alone to foreign places and the thought of getting lost. We fear the challenge of life itself, with fear of failure.

“All men’s miseries derive from not being able from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”-Blaise Pascal

This is the the cause of our misery and of our pessimism. To avoid not being alone, we will socialize endlessly. We may end up with someone who isn’t actually good for us, just for the sake of having someone to cling on; a shoulder to cry on. We’ll eat a bunch of food or shop to comfort ourselves, because these things are the replacements of love.

But there is a simple solution to all your problems. What’s the secret? Being alone is empowering. It’s something that should be embraced. The quiet of being alone is joyful.

People tend to associate the word alone with something bleak, dark, and hateful. But its an opportunity to be yourself, grow, and learn from your past mistakes. Getting lost in your thoughts is a beautiful thing. Over the years, I’ve realized that losing yourself and finding your way out of the maze, is what makes the experience all the better.

Be alone. Give yourself the opportunity.

So can you accept yourself, when you look into a mirror?

Can you see the beauty in yourself, as you learn something new, as you contemplate life?

Because I can.

There is nothing to fear.

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